Solo Build It

Review of: SBI


If you follow the process you will make money.


 $299.00 per year. Excellent value for the price.. See below..

Ease of Use

 A bit of a learning curve at first..but actually fun once you get used to it.


Im not a fan of email or forum support..but they do get back to you in a timely manner.




Are you looking for a way to build an online business that will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way without costing you thousands of dollars?

If your answer is yes...then I would like to introduce you to  (SBI).

What is Solo Build It? .. SBI provides a complete business building platform for aspiring web entreprenuers..all in one package..There are no "upsells" no sneaky gimmicks and nothing more to buy to get full benefit from their platform..

It provides the training and website building tools to create a stunning traffic attracting website. No experience required.. SBI will teach you how to turn your interest, passion, skill or knowledge and convert that into a monetized traffic getting money generating website.

What is the SBI Process?

It all starts with the 10 day action guide Where they break down their C<T<P<M

Business building process down into simple, fun and easy to do steps.

DAY 1 Master the ALL-Important Basics

The goal of day one is to understanding concept of the C<T<P<M process..

Create a winning mindset

Develop a successful business idea for you website through brainstorming

Achieve an understanding of your market

Plan a solid monetization strategy

DAY 2 Develop Your Best Site Concept

During this step you will decide on best in demand niche and the most effective site concept for your website based on your interests

DAY 3 Brainstorm Profitable Topics

Using the Solo Build It Brainstorming tools you will research and create a complete list of awesome keywords to build your traffic generating webpages around.

DAY 4 Investigate & Plan Monetization Options

In this step you will decide on the best way to monetize your traffic.. e.g google adsense, mediavine, amazon affiliate, clickbank and many others..

The are tons of ways to monetize a website based on the problems you are trying to solve for your visitor.

DAY 5 Refine Site Concept & Register Domain Name

Based on all of your research from the previous steps.. this is where you will decide on and register you domain name.

DAY 6 Build a Site That Gets the Click!

DAY 7 Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources

DAY 8 Develop Relationships

DAY 9 Know Your Visitors

DAY 10 Monetize

Aside from the 10 day Action Guide there is tons and tons of additional training.

Tools included with Solo Build It include but are not limited to

Brainstorm It


Master Keyword list

Niche Choose It

Blueprint It

Site Builder

Site Designer

Site Navigation

Socialize It


Face It

GDPR cookie consent widget

Site Health Report

Enable HTTPS

Image Library

Tracker Library

Link Library

301 Library

Related Pages Library

Related Pages Library

Reusable Block Library

Form Build It Library

Content 2.0 Library


Quick Upload It


Quick Preview It


Fav It

Verify it

Special File Manager

Business Center

Mail Out Manager (Newsletters)

Rss Blog It

Get Form Data


Infin It

Name Park It

Move It

Auto Pilot It

Connected Services

Subordinate Login

Traffic Center

Traffic Stats

Search Engine HQ

Value Exchange HQ

Image Search HQ

Local Search HQ

Other Search HQ

Clickthrough Data


Solo Build It Action Guide

Twitter Action Guide

Pinterest Action Guide

SBI Forums Rss feed

Tips and Techniques HQ

Monetization HQ

Resources HQ

Google Unified Study and Review

Search It

Monitor It

Sitesell the Blog

Sitesell Professionals HQ

Find It


Google Medic.. Paging DR. YOU

The Tao of SBI

Make Your Content Presell

Make Your words Sell

Make Your Price Sell

What about value? Is Site Build It Worth $299.00 per year?

Lets take a look at the cost of just a few features if you were to purchase them separately..

Hosting: (for business)  starts at $20 per month

Keyword Research Tools: on the low end start at  $37 per month

Click Tracking Basic Plans: start at $27 per month

As you can see SBI shreds the competition in terms of value and what you get for the price

Final Thoughts