Power Lead System Review: Does It Work?

Your first paragraphPre-launched way back in 2013, the Power Lead System (PLS) gives its members and affiliates an opportunity to share the program and make money while doing. It also provides all the training and tools needed to do this. But is it really a program for you?

Well, by the end of this in-depth Power Lead System review, you’ll have a good idea about what the program is all about, and if it’s fit for you. It just might be an excellent opportunity for you to make serious money on the side, making your online money making aspirations a reality. So, read on to find out more.

Power Lead System Review: Overview

•    Name: Power Lead System

•    Business Model: Multi-level Marketing

•    Authors: Michael Price and Neil Guess

•    Price: For an affiliate account it’s $54 a month, and $30 a month for a customer account

•    Website: www.powerlead-system.com/

With the system, you can generate your own sales and customer leads to build a sales funnel for your business. Plus, you’re given access to some of the most vital elements for building your list and generating leads.

PLS has been in operation for about two years now, though it was pre-launched in 2013, which is not very long compared to the other more established programs. Before joining a new program, longevity is one thing that you want to consider, especially if it’s a program like PLS. fortunately, the company has stood the test of time and there’s a chance that it could be the real deal.

The program was co-founded by Neil Guess and Michael Price. Neil Guess has a network marketing experience working as an affiliate at the Mobile Communications MLM Solavei. On the other hand, Michael Price is the author behind Power Lead System; he was the founder of the Platform: Priceless Possibilities Marketing, which is ideally the platform on which PLS runs. He has been running Priceless Possibilities since the year 1996.

That said, it’s evident that the duo has a huge amount of experience in the industry. Plus, Neil Guess basically took the marketing system made by Michael Prince and turned it into an MLM.

What Exactly is Power Lead System?
The PLS system is pitched as a business in a box. It’s ideally a marketing system that offers an access to what they term as the “most powerful tools for marketing available”. The main point here is giving you access to these marketing tools intended to help you support your business, and earn money through their affiliate program.

Most of the people who sign up for this program don’t participate in its affiliate program, which comes with several bonuses. For example, they provide a 50% matching bonus for the people who join under you.

The idea behind the system is recruiting as many people as you can and earning money from all the products that they purchase. You only need to make sure that your referrals continually recruit new people into the program, and you will be collecting all the resulting bonuses without lifting a finger.

Who’s the Program Intended for?

The program is ideal for small business owners, whether you’re a small business owner and you want to build a list and provide great products to your customers from a professional-looking site, or you’re involved in MLM, direct sales, or online affiliate programs, this program is perfect for you.

In fact, their back office is nicely set up, and allows you to choose your business from hundreds of listed templates, and you can have a personalized auto-responder email campaign started instantly. Plus, whether you are new to the world of online marketing or you are experienced with list building, you’ll find the incredible ease of using their professional marketing tools.

Business in a box
Business in a box is the set of marketing tools that the program is selling. While none of the marketing tools are created by the owners, they still have everything all set up, allowing you to use there marketing tools to promote your business. If you don’t have a business to promote, these tools won’t be of any good to you.

If you have a business, you can use the marketing funnel that they have already set up, and you don’t have to customize the pages or anything else, since it’s all done for you. This is quite welcomed by some people, while others criticize it for producing the same kind of pages as the other users on the same system. Of course, you can customize the colors and the wording, but you can’t really build the website to be really unique.

PLS Marketing Platform
You can join the program as a customer of the PLS suite of marketing products, which they call: Marketing Platform. It’s essentially their flagship product and it comes with:

•    Lead capturing pages with custom video

•    Custom Google Hangout pages

•    Custom sales funnels

•    Unlimited number of sales pages

•    Unlimited number of auto-responder campaigns

•    Weekly training

•    Floating lead capture forms

•    Video and audio postcard system

•    Contact manager

•    Lead system

With the customer account, you pay $30 a month with a 30-day trial. You will be limited to 25MB of storage for the files you need, including images, text, and graphics. This part of the PLS system has fairly standard terms and conditions.

However, the service itself doesn’t seem to be their primary business. Their primary business is “Viral Affiliate Marketing”, which they are very careful to make it clear that it’s not an MLM, though it works exactly as one. 

Viral Affiliate Marketing
This is a strictly voluntary program, which you don’t have to participate in. once you register with the program, you can choose to remain a customer of their base product: Marketing Platform. However, you will be missing out on their important strategy of growing a business and bringing more money. As such, it’s good to know how their affiliate program works. Here’s how:

The Compensation Plan
•    If you sell over the basic PLS product and sign up someone to pay $30 a month, you will get to keep $20 per month, while the $10 a month is passed on to the next qualified affiliate.

•    PLS Diamond is the next product in the queue, also known as Free Ad Secrets. It costs $147. When you sell a unit of the product, you get to keep $100, while $25 is passed on to the next qualified affiliate.

•    PLS Platinum is a Facebook marketing course referred to as Social Profit Academy, and it sells for $500. As an affiliate, you earn $400 and the $50 is passed on for selling the product.

•    There are extra products for educational purposes in the PLS inventory, but you get the idea.

Each affiliate of the PLS system pays $23.97 a month, which is quite unusual. An even more unusual thing is the required process for becoming their affiliate. In general, you have to:

•    Buy the product yourself and maintain a subscription, if the product has a monthly fee

•    Sell two copies of the product, and have the people who bought maintain active subscription.

This has to be done for every product in their inventory that you want to sell and earn a commission on. This way, each product will be activated in the sense that you can earn a commission per each sale you make. Furthermore, you won’t earn commissions on the sales of your 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, or 10th sale, and every 5th sale thereafter. Commissions on these will be passed on to the affiliate above you.

This compensation structure seems to have a clear pyramid structure, right? Well, there’s more. 4.97% of each sale will be deducted as merchant processing fees, and you will be responsible for any fees related to chargebacks and refunds, as these will be automatically deducted from your future commissions.

Power Lead System Review: Does PLS Work?
Truthfully, there are many lead capture tools and page creators out there that you can use to set up a business. Further, there are countless webinar hosting platforms out there. However, unless you’re using PLS, you’re likely to add a huge monthly bill to have a complicated system as your toolbox. Or, you’ll probably get stuck in geek purgatory trying to find a proper way to get your WordPress hosting right, install the right plugins, and ensure everything is working with your WordPress theme, so that finally you can start designing a lead capture page from scratch.

With PLS, you only need to log in and create a new page from your dashboard. You can choose from their wide variety of templates, with the option of building your own. Conversion tracking will happen automatically, and you don’t need to set up another third party service. The auto-responder works in a similar way, and it’s integrated into the lead capture page system. It’s also simple to use, and removes the need to make another monthly subscription.

Bottom line:
From our Power Lead System Review, it appears to be a legit way to make money, with a great wealth of marketing tools, which are all easy to use. As the name suggest, it’s a powerful lead generation tool, which can help you create effective sales funnels, and drive business.

Considering that you can also venture into trying out social media marketing, solo ads, email marketing and other avenues, I would recommend that you give the system a try to see how it goes. ...