My Lead System Pro Review: Legit or A Scam?

My Lead System Pro was started in 2008 as a way to help MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses grow and increase sales. In the past 10 years their offerings have expanded, so that they can be applied to any online business, but their approach is still mostly applicable to MLM and affiliate marketing businesses. My Lead System Pro specializes in “attraction marketing,” where you focus on attracting leads to seek you out, rather than you approaching them.

How Does My Lead System Pro Work?

My Lead System Pro is, in a sense, two mingled companies.

On the surface, it's an internet marketing company that offers training and marketing tools for people who have home-based or online businesses. They have daily and weekly webinars, online tools, and other resources.

Behind the scenes, My Lead System Pro is also an MLM system. The primary focus of the trainings and materials is to enable you to sell My Lead System Pro. The huge focus on various webinars and real-time meetings, events, and trainings, along with the endless upsells and highly variable configurations of membership levels and price structure, and the necessity of purchasing products in collaboration with a “coach,” all raise a few red flags. 

How Much Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

There are three tiers of My Lead System Pro membership. All membership levels include:

·         46 online marketing training courses

·         Customizable pre-built sales funnels so you can “give away lead generation training” to your own prospects

·         Personalized webinar invite links. Use your unique links to invite your prospects to weekly webinars (these are affiliate links, obviously, and you get commission on sales, but My Lead System Pro doesn't use that term here)

·         Marketing guides and pdfs

·         New member orientation webinar

·         Access to the My Lead System Pro Facebook group

·         Customizable autoresponder

·         Custom team media sharing. You can create pages, presentations, or even videos and audios, that your downline can use in their marketing efforts

·         Global support desk

·         30-day risk-free trial

It's worth noting that the My Lead System Pro offer configurations change often enough that the prices and services on their pricing page aren't consistent with the prices mentioned in the FAQ further down the same page. Currently, membership levels are:

·         Basic membership: $42/month, billed annually. This plan includes:

o    Access to the My Lead System Pro CRM, with up to 1000 contacts

o    5 funnels

o    1 domain

o    200 MB media storage

o    Professional membership: $125/month, billed annually. This plan includes:

o    Access to the My Lead System Pro CRM, with up to 10,000 contacts

o    1 hosted blog

o    25 funnels

o    2 domains

o    5 GB media storage

o    Pure Profit Products

·         Premium membership: $250/month, billed annually. This plan includes:

Access to the My Lead System Pro CRM, with unlimited contacts

o    2 hosted blogs

o    100 funnels

o    5 domains

o    25 GB media storage

o    Pure Profit Products

o    Premium mentorship training

o    Live chat support

o    Access to the My Lead System Pro training vault

My Lead System Pro also has a huge range of one-off upsells as additional training modules, including training on attraction marketing ($197), Facebook Messenger marketing ($497), social retargeting ($299), etc. Generally speaking, if you purchase these products as standalones, they come with 14 days of free My Lead System Pro membership and then automatically renew at the professional membership plan rate (although they quote the monthly fee as $149).

How Much Money Do My Lead System Pro Affiliates Make?

compensation levels change often. Many affiliates affirm that it is not an MLM, because there are no teams and no tiers, and it's just a straight affiliate program. However, My Lead System Pro specifically refers to building a team in their sales materials, and other affiliates claim that the pyramid is 7 levels deep, and does have team/group compensation.

My Lead System Pro Complaints

It's overpriced

Even a brief comparison of My Lead System Pro against other online platforms show that it costs far more than comparable hosting, CRM, or blogging platforms. The pricing simply doesn't make sense for the level of services offered, and that is primarily because the business of  My Lead System Pro is to be an MLM, not to offer products and services.

Proprietary system

While My Lead System Pro advocates that their customers use their platform to promote their own businesses, and sell My Lead System Pro on the side, it is risky to do so. By hosting your domain, blog, and CRM on their platform, you make it difficult to migrate to a more affordable, larger scale solution, should your business grow and require more resources, or should you decide to leave the My Lead System Pro platform for any other reason. It's not a product that can scale to the capacity of a truly successful online business, and isn't designed to.

Annual billing

While the 30-day money-back guarantee is nice, and you can cancel My Lead System Pro at any time, they will not issue refunds outside of the 30 day window. This means that, if you pay $2,999 for a year of premium membership, and choose to cancel 31 days into it, you will not get a refund. Annual billing increases your risk of losing money if you choose to cancel or downgrade your membership with My Lead System Pro.

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

My Lead System Pro isn't exactly a scam. It is an MLM scheme, where the products and services are just an excuse to charge a membership fee, and the affiliate program optimizes new recruits. Even though My Lead System Pro teaches some principles of online marketing that could apply to any online business, their model is optimized toward selling their own product and recruiting new members. Daily and weekly webinars are primarily opportunities to upsell more products and keep members motivated to continue recruiting.

Because it's an MLM that has been around for 10 years, it is unlikely that anyone joining now would make any real money, and it's not a good avenue for people to learn online marketing for their own business. It's probably best to avoid My Lead System Pro.