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Many people wonder whether it is possible to make money online. There are lots of bloggers and internet marketers who claim to be making six figures per year in revenue by working online. In fact, for each of these successful individuals there are probably thousands who don't manage to make enough money online to cover their monthly expenses. This article takes a closer look at the different opportunities to earn money online. You can try any of these idea to see if you can turn them into your personal success and into the financial freedom you dream of achieving.

One of the most common ways to make money on the internet is by displaying contextual advertising on your websites. This implies you should have at least one website and enough traffic to generate the income level you need. Installing the ads is pretty straightforward, as all networks provide their users detailed instructions on inserting their code in the right place for the ads to display as needed. Such ad networks include but aren't limited to Google Ads, Mediavine, MediaNet and AdThrive. You should check out the specific terms and conditions of all of them in order to find out whether your website qualifies to join them.

Affiliate marketing is another viable method to make good money online. The mechanism is very simple; you write about various products and services and you include in your articles relevant links to the websites of the merchants who sell these products or services. Your users will land on those websites, and if they make a purchase, you earn a small commission. These commissions are usually percentages of the total amount paid by the buyer and they vary from one merchant to another. In order to find such affiliate programs, you can join special networks. Some examples of affiliate networks are CJ, Shareasale, Rakuten and Pepperjam. Amazon, the giant retailer you probably know about has its own affiliate program. All these networks and programs are free to join, but the simple fact of joining doesn't grant you success. You'll have to learn how and where to insert your affiliate links and banners in order to maximize your earning potential. With a little practice and careful tracking, this isn't impossible. However, you'll still need a website to display your links and banners on, and this website will require a decent amount of traffic. You should keep in mind that the average conversion rate in most industries is around 2 percent. This means that out of 100 people who click on your affiliate links only two will  actually make a purchase. This is a fact you can't ignore if you want to reach your financial goals in internet marketing.  

If you are good at making videos, you can earn money online by uploading your creations on YouTube and by monetizing them with ads. The key to success is the number of views you're going to be able to attract. Nonetheless, if you are clueless about video production and you aren't a creative nature or you don't master a specific skill, you may not be able to produce the high-quality content you need to acquire millions of views. If you have an area of activity in which you excel, you can try your hand at producing video tutorials and uploading them on YouTube. Some people earn a very nice living by creating cooking or knitting tutorials and by distributing them online for free. DIY tutorials are also in great demand. Everybody who wants to make their own chicken coop will search for such guides on YouTube. Whatever your skill, you can make money online out of teaching others some neat tricks of the trade. 

Creating and selling your own digital products is another good method of earning revenue online. You can write books and upload them on Amazon. You can develop courses and guides and sell them on your website or on a dedicated platform like Udemy. The good thing about creating a course is that you do the work only once, when you shoot the lessons. Once you have them online, all you need is to attract as many students as possible. They will listen to your lectures without you needing to lift a finger, as they would be only the recordings you uploaded in the beginning. You may still need to revise the content of your course, should technology evolve and new things appear, but the main frame will always be the same. This is perhaps the most productive method to make money online. At the same time, it is a,so the most demanding, as it requires mastering a skill and putting in the effort and the time to produce the course materials.

If you have solid writing skills, you can write articles for other people who are less gifted or who prefer to outsource this task to experts. There are networks that accept writers and put them in contact with clients. You'll write your articles without mentioning your name, as the clients will publish them on their own websites, claiming all the rights. You agree to sell your skill and your time for the money, but without retaining any copyright on your work. If you can't be bothered with starting a blog or a website and striving to get traffic, you can still earn a decent salary ghostwriting for other people.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money online. They are all legit, but none of them is easy. Whatever you choose, you'll need to commit to putting enough time and effort into it and stick to it until results start showing. Beside,s you have to educate yourself on your topics of choice, as working smart is always better than working hard. Find out who are the best experts in your area of interest, follow their blogs and buy their courses. Like this, you'll become an expert yourself, whether you choose affiliate marketing, advertising display, ghostwriting or any other business model. Making money online is possible, but only the motivated ones reach a level where they become independent from financial point of view.