Global Moneyline Review

Global Moneyline is a system that promises to offer efficient and effective lead generation for almost any type of business. The idea behind Global Moneyline is that they will build a list for you and then you can use that list to drive revenue for your business.

Global Moneyline has a tiered pricing structure, with membership starting at the incredibly attractive price of FREE. If you like what you see for free then you can upgrade to bronze membership for a payment of $20. If you are interested in getting even more involved with the system then the silver membership is $50 per year, Gold membership is $100 per year, and Platinum is $250 per year. The makers are planning to introduce a diamond membership, which will offer even more features, but the price points and extras are still to be decided.

More Than Just an Email List

You may have heard of Global Moneyline described as being a badass email list generator. It's true that the service is all about list building, but there is more to it than just email. There are lots of platforms that will help you to build a mailing list. What sets Global Moneyline apart from those other platforms is that it starts you out with a huge list of prospective contacts, all of whom have expressed an interest in being contacted, and all of whom are interested in online marketing. The challenge for you is figuring out what to do with those contacts.

One of quirks of the system is that you don't initially get the email addresses of the people that are 'below you' in the system. You can, however, contact them through the global moneyline system and ask them to sign up for more information from you so that you can contact them again in the future.

You might think that this is a downside to the system, but really it's a hugely effective way of ensuring that your own personal email list is full of people that definitely want to be reached. Once you've contacted everyone on your initial Global Moneyline list it will gradually start to replenish with new prospects, and from there you can try again, and again, testing new emails and new ways of attracting attention.

What Each Membership Tier Offers

The free membership will let you look at the system, and contact people who join under you, one by one. If you upgrade to bronze tier you will have a bigger contact list to start with, and you can use Global Moneyline's tools to contact up to 20 people at a time. It's with that one-time payment that the system starts to shine.

Silver, Gold and Platinum allow you to contact 50, 100 and 250 people at a time, respectively. When you have that kind of power at your fingertips it becomes easier for you to really test your marketing and start growing your own money making list.

Global Moneyline's Affiliate System

You can make money as an affiliate of Global Moneyline. If you refer someone to the tool and then they sign up as a bronze member you get their $20 payment. If you have a network of people already and you are good at selling tools to people then this could be a nice way to generate some pocket money.

The real power of Global Moneyline comes from those paid memberships, and if you are serious about using it to make a list then you're going to want to pay so that you can see more people and get their email addresses. Otherwise, you're marketing to people in your downline, and unless your downline includes some people who are enthusiastic and proactive marketers themselves the reach of that is going to be limited. It's a much more effective system when you can see and reach a wider range of people, including those that aren't directly associated with you.

Member Support

Global Moneyline does have a support service, which can be reached by email. Since the system is quite simple in what it does, it's unlikely that you are going to need to reach out to them often, but it's good to know that they are there when you need them.

Know What You Are Getting

If you join Global Moneyline expecting them to make a list for you that is catered to your exact needs then you will be disappointed. If you join and are willing to put the work in to build a list yourself, based on access to people in the Moneyline network, then you will likely find that it works well. It's a great tool in the online marketer's swiss army knife - but the important thing to know about swiss army knives is that they feature multiple tools.

If you understand what you are getting out of Global Moneyline, and you are clever and creative - testing multiple lists and monitoring the results, working to build up new sets of contacts, and building a downline in the Moneyline network as well, then you are using several different approaches to growing your network. That is the most effective way to build it in the long term, and it is a way to protect yourself against a drop off in income if your other marketing techniques such as social media or money sites see a drop in traffic. Diversity is a must for any marketer who wants to build up a successful business, and keep it going in times of difficulty.

Global Moneyline won't do the work for you, but if you are a premium member it is putting a large potential list of clients in front of you. It's up to you what you do with those prospects. Use the contact feature intelligently, and you can bring them into your own personal mailing list software. Get lazy, and you will feel like you wasted the signup fee. As with any other online marketing toolset, it really does come down to what you are willing to put into it.