Clicks Valley: Legit or Scam?

Clicks Valley, being a digital marketing agency, claims to help their affiliates generate profit through banner ads. Its platform is designed using the best advertisements that can be purchased and sold in various forms.

Just like any other advertising group, Clicks Valley uses a cool and easy way to earn income online with its “ad flipping” scheme. The idea is to simply buy and sell ad banners to improve brand popularity and boost their growth. In return, the company will pay you whenever people click on the ads that you purchased.

The company’s scheme asserts a total win-win situation for both parties involved. It seems to offer an easy and passive income generation online since it only requires investments in the ads of your favorite and well-trusted brands.

How Does Clicks Valley Work?

The idea behind Clicks Valley is very simple. As per their website, one must register and invest money to be able to buy ads and start earning. Upon purchasing an ad, it will be displayed on several websites, and as soon as somebody clicks it, you’ll be able to get a corresponding amount as profit. Also, selling an ad to other people is another way to make money.

It seems pretty easy and straightforward, right? However, how Clicks Valley claims it works is different on how their platform actually does.

Becoming an Affiliate

To get started, you must register on their site by entering personal details, including your name, email address, and contact number. This will give you access to the member’s area where all the ads can be viewed.

Before you can buy any of the advertisements, you have to fund your account by purchasing the available packages. A so-called “account manager” will call and encourage you to invest more on your account to have bigger earnings and bonuses.

Once you invest in any of the packages, you can bid, buy, or sell ad banners on their marketplace. These will supposedly appear on numerous websites for visitors to see and click.

The Ugly Truth

The unfortunate truth is that the packages offered are not worth any cents since it doesn’t really work. Every click on the ad will give credit to those who host them. Since you are not paying for any hosting ads, you have no right to own them.

Clicks Valley doesn’t really partner with brands and companies. This means that buying their ads will only generate money for them. Thus, buying any of these banners is like paying for nothing.

How Much Does Clicks Valley Cost?

To be able to qualify for a Clicks Valley account, you need to choose from the available packages. The lowest package will cost you $250 while the highest one is around $25,000. Each of the packages has their own inclusions and corresponding bonuses.

Not only that, but a minimum of $100 is also required for you to purchase a particular ad banner. This will depend greatly on the popularity of the brand that you buy.

How Much Money Do Clicks Valley Affiliates Make?

The profits that you make in the Clicks Valley ad banners are not real since the banners themselves don’t really exist. The money you invested to supposed-to-be ad banners merely go straight to the accounts of the people behind the entire operation.

Down the line, there will be no withdrawals of profits that will occur. Getting your money back once you already invested is super sketchy. People behind the scheme are clever enough to offer a bonus once you agree to join the company.

In return, removal of your refund rights is observed. Good thing, there are already chargeback companies that will help fight for your case and try to get your money back to you.

What We Like About Clicks Valley

There is certainly no good thing to like about Clicks Valley. The concept of “ad flipping” is only made-up to trick investors into using their hard-earned money. If you are really into online advertising investment, check legitimate programs that offer feasible platforms and proper tools to ensure profit earnings.

Clicks Valley Complaints

After you’ve funded your account and bought some banners, the next thing that you will look forward to is withdrawing your earnings. However, several claims have stated that they aren’t able to receive any dime.

In the process of withdrawal, other documents are required, including identification cards, credit cards, and other billings. This is a bit dangerous as you are giving personal information that can put you at higher risk. What’s worse, even if you send these details, you aren’t able to receive any of the declared profit.

With a large number of complaints, the creators of Clicks Valley still haven’t shown their faces. Revealing themselves is the last thing that they would do. Thus, even the company’s website reflects limited to no information about them. It sounds really ridiculous that big companies will partner and get involved in websites as vague as Clicks Valley.

Is Clicks Valley a Scam?

Banner ads allow you to earn money as long as you have your product or you become an affiliate of someone else’s product. This requires you to create your own ad, allot money on advertising, and earn revenues through the client’s completion of an action.

A website with good traffic is also required for you to run ads and generate income on a “per click” scheme. This will enable you to sign up to brands and companies and have their ads placed on your site. Thus, for every client click, there is a corresponding amount that the company owes you.

Clicks Valley, in reality, offers people a fake income opportunity. The entire business scheme involving banner flipping makes “zero” sense. At first, you may not suspect any irregularities, but as soon as you fully understand the truth about online marketing, then you’ll realize that it's purely a scam.

Final Thoughts

Clicks Valley is a clone of other scam sites that uses the names of big companies and brands merely to get the attention of potential investors. Overall, it is not a recommended site to make money. Instead, it's a perfect way to lose significant digits with so much risk involved.