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Here I will be revealing which online businesses models and platforms I am involved with

and actually make money. I will also be reviewing others that are not so good and you should stay away from.. I will also be covering the importance and methods of list building, email marketing and traffic  methods including SEO, Youtube, Facebook and twitter.  With that said 

There are potentially thousands of ways to make money online, and more opportunities are showing up all the time. But it can be difficult to evaluate the quality of those opportunities: some are scams, some only pay pennies, and some are extremely difficult. Here are just a few of the many ways to make money online, with a brief overview of what the method is and what you can expect.

Contextual Ads

In the old days, advertisements were simply broadcast on television or put on a billboard for everyone to see, no matter who they were or what they were doing. Contextual advertisements, on the other hand, are intelligent advertisements; ads are selected based on the kind of website they are on, so they fit more naturally with the content of the site and are more likely to appeal to the person who views them.  See the example below...

Google AdSense is the biggest player in contextual ads, but there are other, smaller, contextual ad networks.

Generally speaking, people make money online with contextual ads by selling ad space on their website or blog. Contextual ads may consist of:

Text ads

Ads can be large or small text ads. They can be large or small, with a single offer or list of products. You can adjust the color of the box, text, and links to be more consistent with the rest of your site.


You can choose to mix text and images, and also come in a variety of sizes.

Video or audio

Ads can have video, or audio.

Rich media ads

These ads can combine video, audio, html, flash or other interactivity.

A Google search box

 If you are using AdSense for contextual ads, you can place a google search box on your website. When people search, their results include ads.

However you choose to place or customize your contextual ads, you get paid when your site visitors view or click the ads. And you have very limited control over the content of the ads themselves, and won't know what the products will be until they appear on your site.

Making money online with contextual ads is an easy way to make money with your blog or website, but in order to make real money off of ads, you already need a lot of traffic and site visitors.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online with a well-trafficked blog or website. Unlike contextual ads, with affiliate marketing, you develop a specific relationship with a product or brand and use your site content and ad space to sell that product. When your site visitors click through to the products, services, or merchants you recommend and purchase something.. you get a percentage of the sale.

The most common, widespread affiliate marketing program is the Amazon Associates program. This program is easy to participate in because their requirements for your site are fairly minimal, and the millions of popular products on Amazon make it easy to choose the products that your site visitors will be most interested in and most willing to purchase.

However, there are many affiliate marketing programs, ranging from affiliate networks like Rakuten and CJ Affiliates, which connect affiliates to a wide range of brands and products, or specific affiliate programs run and managed by specific companies and brands, like Udemy, Rosetta Stone, and others.

Affiliate marketing is all about using specific, targeted links that connect the visitor's purchasing behavior with your own affiliate account. You can drive traffic to your affiliate links in dozens of ways,  including:

Reviews and recommendations

You can write product reviews and recommendations on your blog or website, and your site visitors may choose to purchase the products you review and recommend.

Featuring brands and products on your social media

You can feature sponsored products on your social media feed, and encourage your followers to use the products you enjoy.

Making sponsored content

You can create and share videos, a podcast, or other online content that includes sponsored ad time. Chances are good that if you listen to a popular podcast, you will have heard the host reference Audible, Squarespace, or other common products, and direct you to use their specific link when visiting the site.


Email Marketing

Email is a great way to sell products and services. Avoid being a spammer by making sure that you have people's consent to email them, and make your emails more effective sales tools by correctly targeting customers with offers and products they would be likely to buy.

For that reason, email marketing is a particularly effective way to make money by ‘upselling,’ and it's an extremely common practice, both for individuals and for big companies.

For example, if a person has signed up for a gym membership and given their email address to the gym, they may start receiving emails from the gym that include special additional products and offers. If a person has bought 30 days’ worth of a product, they may receive an email a few weeks later reminding them that they may be running low on the product and suggest that they get another month's supply.

In other words, email marketing is a great way to keep customers engaging with a product, brand, or service, and can be a powerful way to make money online.

If you have a popular email newsletter, you can also monetize it by selling ads in the newsletter.

Naturally, the problem with making money by email marketing is building a robust, legitimate list of people to email. For people with popular products, it is easy to get started, because customers can be encouraged to sign up for your email list during the purchase process. It's also easier to convert a popular website or social media presence into an email list.

To start an email list without a popular site or large following, the easiest way is to start with a contest, prize, discount, or other promotion. Offering people a chance to win or gain something by signing up for your newsletter is a great way to start building a list, and building a relationship with your readers.


Unless you aspire to be a professional writer or online influencer, blogging is not usually a direct source of revenue per se. Most people who blog successfully end up monetizing their blogs by placing ads, cultivating an email list, or through an affiliate marketing program. A popular blog can generate a lot of traffic, and, if the blog is well-maintained, it can generate ongoing, reliable, predictable traffic that can then be monetized.

The only way to have a good blog that generates a lot of traffic, and therefore earning potential, is to have good content. A blogger has to write a lot of posts, and they have to be good, interesting posts that connect with an audience who wants to come back for more.

The best way to start a blog with the potential for long-term success is to choose a topic or subject for your blog that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and can therefore write about it a few times a week, week after week. It is not uncommon for successful bloggers to try a few times, as they find a subject that works best for their interests and writing style.

Making money online from blogging means producing great content, and using digital marketing techniques to help boost your visibility so your content can be found. And then you need to evaluate different ways of monetizing your content, finding products, brands, and services that your blog readers will care about and be willing to purchase.


As the name suggests, success in vlogging is a lot like success in blogging. Most vloggers naturally turn to YouTube, but more and more vloggers are finding success on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch IRL, and other platforms.

Generally speaking, the vlogging platform places sponsored content around the video, and pays vloggers per view. Popular vloggers have a lot of subscribers who are actively engaged with the channel and want to see new videos as they are added, and this combination of views and subscribers is the measure of success of a vlogger's brand.

Vlogging may seem like a great way to make money online if you don't like to write, and would rather be out in the world having experiences than typing all the time. But vloggers have to spend long hours on the computer as well, because creating, editing, and publishing videos can be both technical and time consuming.

As with blogging, producing great content consistently is key to successful vlogging. Also, generally speaking, bloggers need a good deal of subject matter interest and expertise, while vloggers need to have interesting and engaging personalities.

Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (or Amazon FBA) is a way that many Amazon sellers choose to manage shipping, delivery, and inventory of their products.

For most retailers, whether they are large stores or just individuals selling on eBay or Etsy, when a customer purchases their product, they have to find the product, package it for shipping, ship it, and manage any customer returns or complaints. In addition, for merchants with a larger array of products, they need to manage inventory at a desirable stock level, pay for storage space and warehouse staff, and ensure that any perishable products are managed and rotated appropriately.

However, individuals and companies can choose to use Amazon FBA. With Amazon FBA, products are sent to Amazon, and Amazon manages storage and inventory levels, packs and ships orders, and manages customer returns.

Amazon FBA is not free. Amazon charges a range of fees for storage and shipping of items, often based on the weight of the item, and other services. However, for many businesses, the cost of Amazon services is equivalent or less than the cost of paying for their own time, labor, shipping, inventory management, warehousing, and returns.

For retailers who sell on Amazon, Amazon FBA is particularly important because only those items are eligible for Amazon Prime. Many consumers are heavily motivated to purchase Prime-eligible products, and are reluctant to pay extra for shipping. For Amazon sellers, Amazon FBA can be a crucial business decision.

However, Amazon FBA is not only open to Amazon sellers. Any company that sells products can use Amazon FBA to manage their fulfillment services, and it can be a money-saving option. You can sell products on your own website, and Amazon will do everything else.

Other Ways to Make Money Online

Online Surveys

There are many websites and apps that will pay you to complete surveys and give your opinion on a variety of issues. Surveys are a key way for companies, political movements, and interest groups to explore public opinion and find out what people think, and they are willing to pay for that information. These sites and apps are usually free, and the surveys are often easy and fun. It's simple to just give your opinion and preferences on different matters, and earn money for doing it.

Surveys are not a great way to make money online, however. Most surveys only pay a little money. To qualify for a survey, you need to be in the demographic category that the survey is aimed at (for example, perhaps the survey is only targeted at women ages 30-45, and other groups cannot participate in the survey). The most popular and well-reputed survey sites have a large number of members, so the higher-paying surveys are filled very quickly.

Online surveys are a good way to make money in your free time, just for giving your opinion, but most people only make a few extra dollars here and there, and not enough to provide a real income.



YouTube is famous for being a way that vloggers and video makers of all kinds can make money online. Videos that go ‘viral’ on YouTube can garner millions of views, and it's a fantastic way for musicians, filmmakers, and creators of all kinds to get exposure and connect with new fans.

In recent years, YouTube has become more challenging to monetize for all but the most popular channels. Many YouTube content creators claim that YouTube's policies around monetization are arbitrary and difficult to understand, while the algorithm makes certain kinds of content difficult to find.

Nonetheless, YouTube gets more than 30 million visitors and serves over 5 billion videos every single day and cannot be ignored as a means for creators to distribute their content.

Making money on YouTube is based on how many views a video gets, so it's important to remember that YouTube isn't simply a distribution channel; it is also a hosting channel. For example, many people choose to put their video on YouTube, and then drive views to it by other means. Some ways to increase views include:

Embed the video in your website or blog

Embedding the video in your own site lets you create the context for your video and give your audience special access to the content.

Share the video on social media

Sharing your video on your social media channels helps to increase views, add value to your social channels, and increase the likelihood that others will share it as well.

Put the video on your product pages

If you sell products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or other sites, video can be a compelling way to demonstrate your product and generate new sales. Hosting product videos on YouTube increases the chances that people will see your product and take notice.

Video is the most popular kind of content in the world, and is increasingly important in nearly every online network, channel, and platform. And YouTube remains simply the best way to post, see, and share online videos.

Ways to Make Money Online

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